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Hourly Cruises

Today you own a boat with a captain and crew. Awesome! Hourly Private Cruises are for those that just want to be on the water. Bring your own food, beverages, music and enjoy having a boat completely to yourself in NYC. 


Two Hours of just plain relaxing. You choose if you want to see the NYC skyline, or head north away from the city into the Palisades. The boat's yours and your crew will let you know the option. 


Three Hours is enough time to really get into another state of mind. Cruise the skyline or anchor in the calm waters behind Lady Liberty to lay out, have some lunch, or watch sunset. 


Four Hours later you'll step back into NYC feeling like you just took a week vacation. The boat is yours... so sit and relax in the sun, take a loop around Manhattan, stop for drinks... it up to you. 

- Details -

Capacity - Maximum of 6 passengers (even though there is space for more).  Always a private it's you and only you. 

Pricing - The prices of $490, $690, and $890 are for the entire boat. NOT per person. 

Service - These are full service charters. There is a captain and steward who will take care of everything (ex: keeping your glass full) 

Food/Beverage - Feel free to bring whatever you want (except red wine). We've got the ice, cups, champagne flutes, plates, etc. 

Destination - Hourly charters have no particular destination. It's up to you as long as it's within range. 

Extra Cost - None. What you see is what you pay. 

Tipping - It is customary in the boating industry to tip your crew. 10-20% is the standard at your discretion. 

Weather - All hourly powerboat charters will continue to run unless severe weather is in the area.