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Hudson River Greenway
NY, NY, 10024
United States

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NYC Boat Dates 4 Hours and Under

Unique sightseeing opportunities only accessible by boat. Step off the beaten path and into a world of NYC few New Yorkers have even experienced. Our Private Sightseeing Boats were chosen to sneak under low bridges, skirt across shallow water, and get you to these interesting locations. 

Drinks with Lady Liberty


Cruise along the entire Manhattan Skyline then take some time to sit and relax with the Statue of Liberty. Three hours total aboard and half of that spent anchored in the calm water right next to the Lady herself. 

Dinner With a view


Cruise the NYC skyline before stopping for dinner (or lunch) at Liberty House Restaurant. After dining with a spectacular view of Manhattan, step back aboard 'Dauphine' and enjoy the night lights on your way back into the city. 3 hours total with with dinner and cruising the harbor.  

Hourly Private Cruises

from $490

The boat and the crew all all yours for 2, 3, or 4 hours. Go north into the Palisades, south along the skyline, or find a quiet place to anchor and escape the city for a bit. 

*Prices based on 6 persons. All charters are private.